Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Need Polish!

I am having trouble sleeping (so what's new about that? nothing), and figured I could look at some pretty pictures to help. I already posted the first of my TSO pictures on my other blog, and at this rate, I might catch up with myself over here. I'm having a bit of a rough week, as Missy will be euthanized next Wednesday. I posted more about it on the other blog, so I won't rehash it here. That, and I don't want to be depressing everywhere. And of course, things could always be worse. Anyway, why don't we look at some pretty pictures?

April Fools Day!

I tend to like pink the most if it's neon, and this one does not disappoint.

And as long as I'm in pink mode, then I thought I'd go with a Hello Kitty design.

Then I did a french tip on the rest of the nails.

Once I was done there, I added red dots in there, to look like teeny flowers or something.

I thought this mani turned out quite good.

I might have to repeat one like this again sometime soon.

Here you can see that the polish is very much a creme, no glitter or shimmer to be seen.

This next picture seems like the most color accurate one to me.

The flash sort of washes the color out.

I also added little dots on the bows of HK.

I'm pretty happy in general with how this one looks.

That was fun. Next, we will see the no-name yellow from Citi Colors. First, my right hand, which is where I generally experiment a bit to see exactly what I'd like to do. With some broken nails, it looks pretty rough.

I only did gradient on the index. The pinky and middle are over white.

The ring finger is something like 6 coats without a white base.

I'm a goofball. Anyway, now we'll look at my left hand. First up, a compilation of each layer to attempt to make a gradient yellow.

As you can see, I built it up over 6 layers to get it to go from near-white to vivid yellow.

They not only don't have names, but there's not even numbers on these! Grrrr.

I do like the way this mani turned out.

At some angles it's hard to see the gradient effect.

Still, the yellow is a nice one.

I do so love yellow on my nails.

The actual color is kind of between the above and below pictures.

Under flash, you can see how bright it is.

Okay, I'm going to see if I can get some sleep now, I have bunches of work to do tomorrow. As usual.