Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Little Day Brightener For Me!

Smita over at My Nailz tagged me with this, so I thought I'd better get a post up sometimes in the same month! Haha.

So, the rules are:
List 10 facts about yourself.
Tag 10 other bloggers.

I'll start with tagging... by which I mean I am going to leave it open, because I have NO idea which ten people to tag! But I would really love to see links to posts with this tag in it so that I can learn more about others. Stuff like this is just plain fun. And now, on to the ten facts.

1. In addition to loving nail polish, I'm also obsessed with office products, like pens and papers and so on. And I'm also addicted to power tools. Staples and Home Depot are like toy stores for me!
2. I love mowing the lawn, and would rather do that over most any chores in the house. Except maybe laundry, for some reason I really like folding clothes.
3. I've broken my nose twice!
4. I've never met my BFF in person, but it doesn't matter to me. Almost everybody I know is somebody I've met online. 
5. My favorite movie is Mamma Mia.
6. I lived in Costa Rica for nearly four years when I was young, and can still speak Spanish fluently. The reason I lived there is that I was kidnapped by my Dad after my parents divorced.
7. I competed in a statewide beauty pageant in high school. I didn't win. Haha.
8. I have a tendency to buy a lot of candy, and then stash it to keep. If there is ever a candy famine, I'll be safe with my stash. 
9. I got an airbrush and compressor for Mother's Day, but I promised myself not to break it open until I get a couple other things done, and so I have been driving myself to work on those things way harder so I can start playing with it!
10. I adore counted cross stitching, and if it were feasible to make a living at it, I would probably go for it. However I can't sew, knit, or crochet worth a darn.

Well, there you go - ten things you may or may not have known about me. So go do your own post and share the link here!

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