Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marching Along

Oh look, Marching, March... HAHA. Anyway, let's grab a look at the rest of March once I finally took off the Clarins.

First up, Hard Candy LE from the holidays, in an unnamed orange. I love this color!

Next up, more Hard Candy, with grapes, which I wore to the wine tasting.

That stayed a couple days, then I went with the lovely Empire from Tarina Tarantino. I *love* this one.

This is a layering kind of mani, which y'all probably know how much I like.

This glitter is from JadeNoir Cosmetics on etsy.

So after that, I chose to listen to my youngest, who wanted me to do a Konad with brass knuckles. Hee. I did it over my favorite black creme. Besides the accent nail with brass knuckles, I did the splattery looking thing on the rest. (That's one coat of the WNW, by the way.)

Okay, that rounds out March, and I need to grab a shower and get the day washed off. Then if I'm up for it, maybe I'll even post some more.