Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's Catch Up on Other Blogs.

I'm soo far behind on reading blogs, and trying to catch up when I have time, but here are a few giveaways that I've run across and wanted to share with you. I'll probably have more posts later with giveaways, and hopefully some more polish pictures as well. It all depends on how things go with cleaning, chores, and other such stuff. So I'd better hurry up here, and then get to work again.

Coming up shortly is Candy Coated Tips' One Year anniversary. It's ending May 19th, so you'd better hurry if you want to enter! Just look at her prizes- all holo!
You can go check out her giveaway over here, and see the rest of her lovely blog too!

Sweet Sugar is celebrating 500 followers with a giveaway that will make you drool. Check this out!
It's ending May 21st, and you can go enter over here, and check out her blog too.

(Squoval)icious has a great giveaway for her first year over here, and just look at the prize!
Head over there and enter here, (before the end of May) and check her wonderful blog out while you are at it!

Sonidlo's Nail Polishes is another great blog, and she's got a Nubar giveaway going on! Here's an example of what you could win!
How hot are those? Go over here and enter before June 13th for your choice of EIGHT Nubars!

And ending June 22nd, Under The Gravity has a 100 Follower giveaway going on for these awesome polishes!
Click on over here and enter, and then check her blog as well. It's totally worth it!

Okay, that's enough for now, I'd better get these dogs back out into the mud (ew my poor floors!) for a potty break, and then get my ribs set up in the crockpot for tomorrow. Then maybe I can come do some more posting and catching up.