Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm Not Missing! Haha!

It might seem like I am, when I don't post for so long, but things have a way of getting extra busy around here, pretty much every time I think it's going to calm down. Mostly right now we are dealing with the dogs not getting along (Missy and Lassie), and The Mate's soreness in the rain, plus we had to go to a frou-frou dinner the other night. And other junk that nobody really wants to hear about. Hee. Anyway, why don't I get back to showing pictures instead of babbling?

Once again, I have about a billion pictures of Clarins 230 to share, since I wore it for so many days. And I'll finish out the month of March so I can catch up with April as well. Annnnd, while I was busy-ish but able to access my Photobucket, I did some rearranging, and sorted through ALL my old pictures, so I will start trying to get those posted as well. I suppose some people would be ashamed to admit they had something like 9K pictures of nail polish and then some, but I'm not. Haha! So let's look at the Clarins on the second day of wear.

Now two more days passed, and of course I still had the Clarins on.

Check it, a few more days went by.

You can *just* start to see tipwear in that one, but in the next it shows more clearly..

Oops, looks like we finally got a chip there!

Now that we're at the bottom of the page, I'll slap a picture of the pedi I sported that week as well in here. 
It's an unnamed one from Hard Candy's LE's over the holidays. I didn't do so hot at cleaning this one up. And as long as we're on gross stuff like feet (okay, they aren't THAT bad, but I'm just NOT a foot kinda person. I just want them taken care of, neat, and clean, and that's all. They are not cute, sexy, or any of that kinda thing for me. (And that's even worse now that I've been dealing with an ingrown on the other foot for some time, and might have to have the whole toenail removed!)

Um, anyway, the other grossness... this is what my skin has been looking like with the new meds.
That would be my palm, basically the thumb pad, and it's peely like that all over the place. Now that we've cut my dose back in half, it seems to be getting a little better, but we'll have to see. The great news on that front is that we found a dermatologist IN MY TOWN, so I'll start seeing him next month. I'm *SO* excited not to have to travel 2 hours each way to see one. 

And with that, I'll be back in a little while with more pictures, I just want to give the dogs a little play time before the rain hits again. Whee.