Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've Got More Pictures!

I'm all the way up to April, so I'm going to get these darn pictures posted so I can show off a little share these pictures. But first, I just want to tell you that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! (Hey, it's also my birthday month, but who needs more birthdays?) I did a post over on my other blog, so if you're a cat person, then please, go check it out. Lots of resources and info is linked there. So, now, let's get into some more nail polish for your enjoyment!

I didn't really get any good pictures of my Easter-ish nails, but at least I snapped a couple that show what I did. I started with stripes, freehand, in case you couldn't tell by the crookedness. Haha.

And with flash. I apologize for the crapitude of these.

Okay, that's enough of those. Hahaha. I've got one more Nicole to share with you.

Yeah, it's You're S-Teal The One.

I tried to show the duochrome properties of this one, because it flashes purple and blue, but I had some trouble catching it.

Of course, even just blue was really pretty!

Shimmery polishes like this are fun.

Wow, I really need to see if I can get better pictures, because my skin looks kinda red again.

I like the depth of this polish.

Hmm, I can see that my clean-up was not so good this time.

Ahhh. There's that bit of purple I was looking for!

Hmm. I really need to work harder on my cuticles. Maybe when I see my derm, meds will get changed to something that doesn't make them SOOO dry.

So, this was the week I got my new lovely lellow polish from Chanel. Yes, I splurged and bought Mimosa. I can't help it, I LURVE LELLOW!

There's some shimmer in there. I wonder if that means it's sheer.

That's some amazing shimmer. The color is just gorgeous. Okay, here are my nails, prepped and ready for polish! I went with white on my accent nails, so if it's sheer, it will be noticeably different.

Ahh, one coat, and it's not terribly sheer.

The shimmer is visible on the nail, more than many of these kinds of polishes.

You can always click to embiggen the pictures if you want to see the details better.

This one seems to be just a bit brighter than the polish is, but it's not bad.

It's just not quite that neon, but it is absolutely gorgeous.

I'd say it's between the last picture and this one.

It's not that washed out, and my fingers aren't really that red. Haha.

With flash, this is reasonably accurate.

I love yellow so so much.

It's probably always going to be my favorite polish color.

I thought it could use a little bit of decoration. I used one of the water decals I got from Viva La Nails.

I love the way it accents so delicately.

How about some skittles?

Of course, not the candy, in case you didn't guess. What with the rainy/snowy spring, I wanted a taste of summer!

So I made a Fun Fruit Salad!

I like Fimo quite a bit.

I was super pleased with this one.

Can you name all the fruits?

Now, the extra top coat looks pretty thick.

Flash really brings out the neon-ness of the polish.

After all that bright, I thought I'd go dark. Flaunt Jet Black fits the bill.

Then I used beads to make a little flower plant.

I like the way it turned out.

I couldn't decide what to do next, so I just marbled right over the black, and left the flower alone.

I thought it turned out pretty nice!

I still think I need more practice at the whole water marbling thing.

For some reason, I really like the way brown and blue looks together.

I need more practice with the beads too.

Okay, before I quit, I have a couple of small comparisons to share.

Those are Fig and Posh Plum. Except I am forgetting the brands. Blargh!

I'll try to remember to look them up, I think Posh Plum is an SH polish.

I really hate it when I forget to write notes. Eesh.

And then, I have these.

The miniDivas Star is what I had on my toes in the last post, and I thought it was similar to Blue-Away.

They are pretty similar, though BA is just a hair darker.

Okay, I'd better do some of those chores, and then maybe I can post some more pictures!

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