Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Polish To See!

Ooh, real original title there! I guess my tagline of "not so original" is really fitting me this week. It's just too muggy to think straight. I'll go with that. Hahahaha. I made some fun frankens the other night, and I've been doing my nails every day, so there will be lots and lots of pictures coming up. And hopefully I'll have a new header up there real soon.

Before I get to the polish, I do want to ask that if you've got the giving bug, I'm trying really hard to raise money for Grayson on Facebook. My Birthday Wish is to raise $420 (or more!!!) for them. I'd rather see them get a nice bunch of donations than any present. (Okay, so if I were to get a horse with all its care provided that *might* win me over.) If you remember, there are just a few volunteers (like, three!) that take care of all the animals they have, and they often pull money out of their own pockets to take care of them. The causes thing has a minimum of a $10 donation (sheesh, not everybody HAS ten bucks to spare), but otherwise, it's whatever amount you can donate. Anyhoo, let's get to some pictures, since this is a nail blog and all.

Okay, I'm only into May at this point, but that's better than when I was three months behind. So this first one is WNW Hush Hush.

It's not a bad white, but it's not the best either.

So I added Break The Ice, which is a shimmery white. I could have left well enough alone at this point.

I mean, it is pretty, and fairly soft, not too stark.

Don't forget, you can click to embiggen all the pictures.

This might be a good wedding look for somebody.

I just love the little sparkles in it.

Then I decided it needed a LOT of color.

I call it confetti.

I just grabbed a bunch of bright colors and used my dotting tools.

I may have to do this one again before long.

It's just pretty as heck.

Okay, so then I went with a marbly mani. I used Sugar Coat for my base.

Then I used Club Havana, Red Tape, and Haze of Love for the marbling.

I really like the way this one turned out.

If only I could *always* get them to turn out this good.

I guess I need to practice more.

Like that's a big problem. Haha!

So then, I had to do another one. Hee.

I used Tropicana and Through The Grapevine.

I kinda messed up my ring finger. Oops.

That's a black base you see peeking out.

While I do love marbling, I can't do it every day. I don't think. Hmmm.

Bite The Bullet is a gorgeous lavender.

I'm not sure why I waited so long to use it.

Of course, I hadda add some stamping to it.

I thought ChG Adore looked really nice.

I'm addicted to decorating my nails! Hee.

If I ever run out of ideas, I'll just look back at my pictures and copy some of them. Muahaha!

How can I not love all these fun manis?

Okay, last pic.

I'll be back later with some more pictures, but for now, I am going to go play with the dogs, and grill our dinner.

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