Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh Look! New Stuff!

Yes, I've added a new header. But I didn't just go with the one voted for, I created a lightly updated, newer one from there, and used a totally new font and everything. And over there on the side, I slapped in a little slideshow. Eh, I dunno, that might be too much, we shall see. While we're talking about new things, I've also written up an intro to our newest dog, another husky, and posted it over on my other blog. So feel free to go over there and learn about Juno!

Today I've just got a couple of manicures to share, because I should have been asleep a few hours ago. I'm just too wired up with excitement! In one week, I pick up my kids in Wisconsin!! I wish I could make the time go faster until they get here, and then slow way down. We are going to have lots of fun this summer. Anyway, let's get to the polish, ok?

First, I have a couple of crackle manis to share. This one is Kleancolor Happily Yellow with Green Crackle. I really like the way this one turned out.

I totally LOVE the yellow so much.

It's fantastic, and has that great shimmer in it.

In case you forgot, or are new, yellow is my favoritest polish color.

I topped it with the green crackle, and I LOVE it!

The secret to the Kleancolor crackles seems to be to apply them while your nail polish is still tacky, but not too wet or totally dry.

Next I slapped on Tinkerbell Teal.

It leans really blue, and it's so so pretty.

No brushstrokes in there, which makes me happy.

The shimmer is amazing too.

I'd really call this more of a metallic aqua, but whatever. I like it.

But look what happens when I used Icing Broken Glass shatter over it!

It's like clouds with nothing BUT silver lining!

I thought this worked very well, and I'd do this combo again anytime.

Now, the next polish I had some real issues with. My nearly exact words were, "HOLY {censored} WORST DAMN FORMULA I HAVE WORKED WITH IN A LONG TIME. FP what did you do? How could you forsake me?" Oh yeah, the polish is called Chrysanthe-Mum's The Word.

You can see the brush strokes (I tried very hard to smooth it out, but this was a horrid horrid polish). So I threw some stripes on there, and used the pink shatter that I got from Icing.

And last, I'll show you another marbly mani. My middle daughter asked me to do a blue and blue and blue mani to look like swirling water, so I went with SH Insta-Dri Blue-Away for a base, and then used HC Sky, Sonia Kashuk Taunting Teal, WNW Nerds Need Love Too, and Sinful Savage and Envy to marble with. I thought a little green in there would give some nice contrast.

I love that blue (sorry I didn't clean that up, ooops). I don't think I'll ever get sick of light blues like this one.

I really REALLY like the way this one turned out. I do need to keep practicing though, I'd like to get better at marbling.
Okay, that's enough for now, it just keeps getting later, and I do need to sleep at some point. Coming up soon I'll have manicures with my new CULT Nails polishes, and a review of them for you!