Saturday, June 25, 2011

Of Marbles and Mattes.

Whoo, I'm up early. Just can't sleep, I guess. Whatever. I have a billion things to do, so I'm going to sit on my butt and post. Hahaha. So I figured I'd show off some marbly and matte manis (man, I love alliteration!) this morning. Let's just get right to it, I'm not too chatty until I've had my first coffee or ten.

Ooh this one was my first attempt at a drag marble.
Love the colors.

Then I went with flamey colors.
Of course I dinged my ring finger.
I love how this looks like fire.
The colors may have sort of blended together, but the effect was good.

I was enjoying the heck out of marbling, so then I went with a light base.
I love this color, but it's very sheer.
I guess it doesn't matter, because I cover it up anyway.
This one is fun and pretty.
I like the double marble on my index finger.
I did it on the thumb too.

The next one is sort of fail, but I will still post it.
The colors really blurred together a lot.
I guess the index finger is pretty decent.
Maybe it would be okay if it were blue or something, so it didn't look bloodstained.

Then I managed to break my middle fingernail nice and short, so I filed everything down, and decided that matte would be the way to go. I started with Zoya Lolly.
Hee, I left my middle finger out of that one. So there. Okay fine.
You can see just how short it broke.
These pictures don't do the color justice.
Shiny helps. Hee.
Then a Konad for some interest.
I sorta didn't get it transferred completely.
I still like it.
I left this one shiny.

Then I figured some blue was in order.
I really like this color.
It applies like most mattes.
Just flippin' gorgeous. I added SV again.

While we're on the matte kick, I better add the third one from this collection.
Fantastic lime green!

This one is IN YOUR FACE bright.
If you know me, you know I love that.
This leans yellow, which of course is right up my alley.
And of course, I added SV for the shine.

Okay, that's probably enough for now, I should work on breakfast and getting started on the day.

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