Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-changes. (And a Giveaway and a Manicure)

As you may have noticed (if you're not reading in a reader), I've been doing some more changing around here, and I'll probably do even more as I go along. I welcome constructive criticism (and compliments too!) or ideas on how to improve things. I've changed my feed settings so that you can read the whole post in a reader, because I don't want to make people click to my blog if they don't want to. I'm not blogging for numbers or whatnot, just because I love polish, so it doesn't matter. It would be nice if I could do nothing but work on the blog all day, but that's not happening any time soon. Those darn chores never do themselves!

Anyway, I've also got a fantastic giveaway that you'll want to check out, over at the Vettelicious Nail Blog. She is giving away a bottle of GOSH Holographic! If you like bling, this is one of THE polishes you MUST try to own (I've only been trying to get my hands on it for like a year). Just look at this picture!
 Doesn't it just look smashing?! And her nails are absolutely fantastic (I'm a bit envious) as well, so you'll want to check out the rest of her blog while you're there. So go over, enter the giveaway here, and then do some looking around, and tell her how awesome she is (you just can't hear that enough, ya know).

Okay, with that done, I thought I'd share a Konad I did that I really liked. I used SH Gentle Blossom for the base color, which is a nice soft green. I went with three coats, but two would probably have been enough.
As you may have noticed, my nails are all short and break-y again.
I went with SH Jumpin' Jade and a swirly leaf pattern (I need to start noting which plate I used and such), and just randomly placed the image. I really love the effect on this one.
I'm sorry about the bad shape my cuticles are in, but the meds are making it virtually impossible to keep them nice. Maybe I should start blurring them in the pictures so you don't have to deal with the yucky stuff to see the pretties.
I love how the flash shows off the shimmer in the polishes. I did lots of staring at this mani, because it really did look pleasing to me.
Okay, enough with the jabbering, I have those darned chores to work on, and the dogs are wanting attention (like that ever stops). Hee. I love these darn mutts.

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