Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've Joined The CULT!

Which CULT did I join? The one full of adoring fans of Cult Nails polish. So yeah, if you haven't heard about it, this is a quality polish that you will want to check out. I got my hands on their second collection (bought them as soon as I could), and this post is all about them. So instead of babbling for fourteen paragraphs, I'll get right into the pictures.

I asked my kids which one to wear first, and my older one suggested Devious Nature, so let's start there.

This is a very jelly-like polish, but not really a jelly - I'd say it's about halfway between an jelly and a creme.
This is an obvious berry-colored pink, and quite gorgeous. It's got the squish of a jelly but full coverage in two coats.
As with the other Cult polishes I've tried, the formula is dead on.
It flows onto the nail like silk, but doesn't pool at the cuticles or cause drag.
Now, under the flash it looks a lot brighter, but it's a fairly cool pink, and will probably look good on almost anybody.
That looks the closest to me, since I don't ever play with the colors in my pictures.
There's no hidden shimmer or glitter in this, which I think is great, because it looks very awesome.
My final thoughts on this? Absolutely fantastic polish!

Next, I asked my youngest which polish to do, and she chose Captivated.
Holy Cow what a BEEEYOOOOTEEEFULLL polish!
The depth just captivated me (hee! see what i did there?).
It really seemed like there were layers upon layers of glitter captured in there.
It's a three-coater, but it's SO worth it!
As with most glitters, it's a little rough, but not anywhere as close as many others.
It doesn't need a thick coat of top coat to smooth it out.
The flash makes it look more orange, but it's really a coral color.
I think it would look even better if I had a bit of a tan.
This one doesn't flow quite as smoothly as Devious Nature, but it's still very silky compared to so many other polishes.
The way the glitter sits inside the polish is utterly fascinating.
I couldn't stop staring at it in the sunlight.
I thought I'd check it over black and over Devious Nature, and it looks amazing.
I think it would look good over almost any color.
I stuck a little anchor on my ring finger, which was kinda neat. But really, Captivated doesn't need anything extra.
I do want to caution you about wearing this if you're prone to staring at your nails while you drive. No accidents wanted!
Oh, and Silver Shatter? Looks amazing over it as well. My final thoughts? Another MUST HAVE.

Next I wanted to wear Let Me Fly. So I did.
OMFG this is flippin gorgeous.
I used two coats and it's perfection in a bottle.
 The color translates perfectly to the nail (they generally all do) and the formula is just so awesome.
The silver microglitter gives it a rather dusty tone that just looks fantastic.
There's no secret to this shimmer, it's in there.
These polishes are all so gorgeous and easy to use.
They are smooth, and silky, and cover well, and I could just go on for hours.
I mean, I *LOVE* nail polish, and this is top of the line.
The shatter looks great over this too. My final thoughts? How does she manage to make them all so fantastic??

I thought I'd make it easy on myself the next day by wearing something more neutral to the dog aggression seminar I was attending.
So yeah, I decided Cruisin' Nude would do the trick.
Well, I was wrong. I still got distracted by my polish.
On first glance, it is neutral, and very nice.
Then you see that secret shimmer packed in there, and you find yourself staring at your nails, moving your hands around to see it flash.
It was so so so hard to capture the pink shimmer.
The pink shimmer gives this a warmth that might not be there otherwise.
Oh look! There it is!
This is another two-coater, and it covers very well with those.
I know I keep going on about it, but these polishes flow onto the nail SO smoothly.
I'm not one for nudes, but this one is fascinating, and I like it way more than I thought I would.
By the way, they remove as nicely as they go on, without staining or sticking.
But they also seem to hold up well. I beat the snot out of my nails, and none of these chipped in the time I was wearing them.
I took about 746 pictures trying to get that pink shimmer to show up.
Every once in a while it shows up, but it was just so hard to capture.
My final thoughts? MUST HAVE.

And the last polish in this collection that I wore was Always Winning.
I'm pretty sure it was named well before all the stupid Charlie Sheen winning stuff. *rolls eyes*
This is the most sheer of the collection.
It's still a wonderful green.
It's packed with a nice amount of glitter.
Three coats brought me to full coverage, and WOWZAH!
This is a fantastic green, chock full of glitter and goodness.
I mean, look what happens when it's a bit blurred, the shine just pops out all over!
Yet another polish that needs a warning attached so you don't forget and stare at it when you should be driving or something.
The texture is a bit rougher than a creme (duh), but it smooths out easily with a thin top coat.
It looks great every way I look at it.
I don't own anything like this, and y'all know I have a lot of polish.
It's always nice to get a glittery polish that doesn't need 4-5 or more coats to cover my VNL.
So, we need to see what it looks like layered, since everybody knows that glitters are so much fun to play with!
My final thoughts? You neeeeeeed this polish. Well, unless you hate glitter. And if you do, then, um, I can't help you. Muahahahaha!

So, if somebody were to ask me if they should buy these polishes, my answer would be a resounding YES! The quality is dead on, the colors are wonderful, there just isn't enough I can say about how great I think it is.

Okay, I need to get some more work done and attempt to go to bed at a reasonable hour, although I'm getting awfully excited about this weekend.

The Fine Print: The polishes reviewed in this post were purchased by me, and nothing has influenced my opinion about them other than my own odd brain.

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