Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grave Digger!!!

Okay, I've been so busy (and overheated) that I haven't been posting, but I should be back now, more or less. So I shall now share the mani I did for the Monster Truck Jam, which was quite awesome. Then I've got peeeenk for tomorrow, and whatever else I come up with over the next few days. Let's get right to it.

Okay, my inspiration was Grave Digger's truck, of course. I couldn't actually draw the whole truck, so I chose some elements to play with.

I went with the house, the skull, the purpley flames, the greenish fog, and the green flames. Everything was freehand, which explains the lack of talent. Haha.

Okay, I actually thought I did fairly well on these flames.

The green fog wasn't bad, even though this picture is blurry.

I *love* the way this turned out, and I could rock a mani like this on all my tips.

Oddly enough, the skull I drew left-handed was better than this one, even though I'm right-handed. But I guess you can tell what it is.

I also didn't do as well as I would have liked on this house, but it could have been much worse, so I'm not going to complain too much.

So here's the whole hand with flash.

Okay, this is the base I went with... sorry for the blurriness.

I needed two medium coats for this black to give full coverage. Back to my WNW from now on I suppose.

Two thin coats works well with this Sally Girl polish, but since it only comes in mini, I'll probably stick with WNW for my white bases too.

On my right hand, I only chose the skull, house, and green flames. The flames are all pretty sloppy.

Oops, another blurry pic, but you get the idea.

So here is the whole right hand. And yes, I did show them to the driver of the truck when I got his autograph. Either he liked them, or he was just being really nice and thought I was a crazy lady. Or both. Haha.

Here are the kids chatting with him and getting their shirts signed.

This picture would have looked way better without the sun shining into the camera. Oops.

This is my babygirl leaning against the Dodge Challenger they had behind the stands. NICE car!

Then the middle got in there for her picture, which managed to turn out a bit blurry.

And my son, my oldest, who is thinking on going to tech school out here for autobody, which would rock.

This is the color of the car. I want polish like this. Hee.

We also saw the coolest Vette, which had been wrecked, rebuilt on a truck chassis, and here it is. I would get in SO much trouble with something like that! I want one!!

And check out the plate - FLYEN HI.

I may try to sneak a few videos onto Youtube later on, but I'll link them, or maybe post just one here too. And now that it's 6AM, I'd better attempt to get a little nap in before the day starts.

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