Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Think Pink!

I don't have a pink that I'm wearing now, as I was too wiped out to do my nails. So I'll share some previous manis with pink that I've done. After all, I've worn my share of pink polish! Muahaha! I'll get right to it, instead of babbling like an idiot.

I'll start with OPI Elephantastic Pink. This was after a break, so my nails are super short.

I am not sure this is truly pink, but I'll include it anyway.

This is a fantastic pink from Milani.

I tend to like the Milani colors pretty well, although this one is so neon that it leans coral.

This is an unnamed mini that I had laying around. I was playing with different artsy things on it.

Sadly, I did not take notes on what these last two colors are, so I don't know the brand or name. D'oh!

I just love how shiny this one is.

So that should be enough pink to last you for a week, until I have more pinks to show off. Hee!