Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Insert Creative Title Here

It's just too hot to make up a really good title today. Yeah, we have a couple of air conditioned rooms, but they are small air conditioners, and can only do so much. If we could get more caught up with things, and/or not have quite so many bills, we'd be able to add central air, and then we could keep it cooler! Maybe in a couple years.

Anyway, today I have a few manis to show off you, and not really any big news, unless you count the fact that we hit up the Monster Trucks last Saturday, and man was it AWESOME! I'll probably share some pictures and maybe some videos of that both here and on my other blog. I even did a special mani for that night, which I'll have to edit up and post soonish! Speaking of nails, let's take a peek at what I've done recently.

This green is awesomesauce, and I can totally see using it as a backdrop for art.

Yeah, I broke my middle fingernail down to the quick, and so it's super short now. In fact, not long after that, I broke my ring fingernail too, and then finally took them all super duper short to let them grow at the same pace (hopefully).

Anyhow, this green is great, and the quality of this polish was very nice. It gave full coverage in two coats, the color is gorgeous, and the formula was a little thick, but still easy to work with. I'll probably thin it just a bit next time I use it.

It really is a nice grassy green (my grass is only slightly darker than that), and it might work for stamping too.

I didn't have to do too much clean-up on this either, it stayed where I put it on the nail, which is always a bonus. I apologize for the mucked up skin thing, I am still trying to learn the best way to cover up my cuticles while they are looking so awful. The bonus is that I'm learning a ton about different tools I can use with my Paintshop.

Next up, DOTS! I love dots.

Again, Kleancolor polishes, this time blue and silver metallic ones... and man, these are GREAT! The flowed on the nail wonderfully, stayed where I wanted them for the most part, and covered will with three very thin coats.

So I love it just like this, but I figured I wanted to add just a little more to it, so dots it is!

I just grabbed a random blue and silver polish, and dotted away with my lovely dotting tools. That's what it looked like before I put any top coat on. Hee.

Some of the dots were kinda thick, but I didn't care, once I slapped on my SV, it smoothed out nicely, and looked fine to me. Next up we have my first attempt at a drag marble mani. Ummm, this is a tough one for me, so either I need to practice a lot more, or stick to other forms of marbling. Haha.

I can't even remember which colors I used for sure, but it was a navy blue and purple. I added the silver to sorta cover up the wreckage. Hee!

The silver is NYC Steele, and I really like it. Looks like I should have cleaned it up a bit better though.

And, apparently I got some of my V's crooked too. Ahh well, I like the effect, and the marbling part doesn't look too bad when I covered up the worst of it. Wheee!

That pinky turned out pretty good all things considered, so if I can duplicate that, then maybe drag marbles are something I can do.

Okay, last one for today - this one is another DollarTree find, the miniDivas in Princess.

The accent nails are SH Black Patent (two coats - just reminds me that my WNW black creme is still the best black for me LOL).

I sorta like the miniDivas, but our store has only gotten in a couple of colors. I'd love to see a better selection of them.

This purple is really nice, so it's a keeper. The formula is pretty good on these too, from the three or so that I have.

So then I topped that beauty off with my franken, that I haven't named yet. It consist of most of a mini bottle of SH Purple Diamond, with black added until I was happy with it.

I really REALLY like how it turned out. And you can see that it changes a bit depending on what you put under it for a base color.

Of course, these pictures were all taken at night, with my little OTT light, so you can bet that in the sunshine, this baby GLEAMED like WHOA!

I mean, just look at the rainbow effect there! And that is with topcoat, so it's holo properties are grand.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of this one, I just get so caught up in the bling.

I love the way the camera focused here on the two nails, and slightly blurred the others.

Flash totally brings out mondo rainbows. It's hard to decide if I like it better over black or over purple!

Either way, this one is a stunner, and I'd have never been as happy with it without SH's holo to make it from.

Now, it's sort of hard to see, but on the right thumb, I slapped some of Milani's Purple Gleam, and it gives it an almost fuchsia tint, and makes the holo look a tiny bit more scattered. I'll share the pic anyway, even though it's blurry.

So, that's today's installment of "What Makes Michy Drool" or something... hopefully I'll be back with more before too long. I'm pretty sure I managed to get pictures of my Wednesday pink, so if nothing else, I should be back tomorrow with that!