Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holiday Manis Over The 4th!

So I wore a few days' worth of Independence Day manis, and collected them all to show at once. And it's even fairly close to the holiday! Shocker, right? I just kind of set out a couple each of reds, whites, and blues, and used those over and over. I didn't want to take up a lot of time choosing polishes, there was fun to be had! The polishes I used at one point or another are these: Eyeko Cosmic, Ruby Kisses Regaled Out Blue, Sinful Snow Me White, Sally Girl mini white with no name, SH Reddy To Mingle, Lippmann My Old Flame, NYC Foiled Again, SH Diamond Prism, Icing Epic Winning, Ruby Kisses Blinged Out, Claire's I<3 USA, and Pure Ice Jet Setter, Show Stopper and Flash. The plain old glitter was some dollar store purchase. So there you have it, the colors I wore for a few days in a row. Now let's get to the pictures, after all, what fun is talking about them if you can't see them?

Up first is my totally random, throw every idea I can on my nails, mani.

As you can see, I did all sorts of stuff, so they were rather obnoxious and IN-YER-FACE. Of course, I like that.

I'm still learning how to fix things up so you can't see the awful shape my cuticles are in; until I get some new meds or something, they are probably going to stay awful-looking.

No sense in whining about it though, I'll just pamper them as much as I can, and move on with life.

Here are all ten of those nail, up closer.

Next I did a heavy crackle and glitter mani.

Slap some base on, add some crackle, then sprinkle a bit of glitter in with the top coat, and away we go!

I like how they sort of look like cookies with sprinkles. They don't taste like them though.

As long as I'm playing with glitter, I thought I'd see how glitter french tips would look. Loooove it!

Flash makes things show up a bit more.

Lookit the holo in the silver and gold. I so love holo.

As you can see, I broke off my ring fingernail too, so now there are like 4 nails that are extra short. Plus my oddly shaped thumb on my right hand. Ah well.

After that I thought maybe some stars and stripes would be fun.

I used a white base, then painted on some nice red stripes. Then I used blue, and the Konad on my accent finger. My thumb on my left was topped with Icing Epic Winning. Just one coat gave me that much sparkle!

I topped the whole thing off with RK Blinged Out.

On my right hand, I did red with crackle, and then blue with Konad for the accents.

Horked up my thumb a bit, but I was out of time to redo it.

Here are some close-ups of my favorite ones.

Epic Winning is fantastic.

I love how this one looks.

On the actual 4th, I went with a water marble in red, white, and blue.

Over it I slapped on a coat of SH Ice Queen.

I'm generally pretty happy with how it turned out. I did all four of my fingers on my left hand at the same time.

It takes some work, but I like the way it came out with different patterns on each.

On my right, I managed pretty well, but my index wound up very very blue, so I slipped some Epic Winning on there too.

I may need to get a backup of it, as I am quite enthralled with the blinginess.

I got several compliments on my nails as we were walking over to watch the fireworks show.

Of course, it is summer, and you might know by now that means my kids are here, so my girls had to do their nails as well. Strangely enough, my son doesn't want to paint his. Hahaha. Here's what my middle came up with for those days.

She went with a white base coat for all, then did crackle, stripes, and Konad.

Then she freehanded a heart, did like a crackle sandwich, and used some glitter for the other hand. I'm pretty impressed.

Next she played with some other ideas, again using Konad and stripes, plus a drag marble and some sponging.

I really like that middle finger here.

The red and white french tip Konad is pretty nice here.

And on the 4th, she chose to go glitterific and did this. I love it!

The youngest, on the other hand, only allowed this one picture to be taken of her patriotic nails. And of course, she really felt she needed to add more, so she wrote I <3 my country! on her hand.

Well, it's getting late, and morning will show up before too long, so I'd better get off the computer, and into bed. I'm still stuffed from dinner, we had steak and BBQ ribs made on the grill, and I must say, I am a great cook. Hee. Anyhoo, I'm finally wearing down enough to sleep, I hope, so I'd better try.

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