Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh Noez!

My TV seems to have blown out the bulb or whatever, so we're TV-less in the bedroom. Not that it's a huge deal, it's mostly just background noise anyway. We'll probably move our bigger TV up from downstairs one of these days. Besides, even though it's horribly hot and humid lately, we've been doing lots of other stuff. That doesn't mean I've neglected my nails, though, so I'm here to post some more pictures!

Let's start with a pretty blue from China Glaze.

Iguana is a lovely shimmery glass-fleck/metallic type polish that goes on smoothly, and covers well in two coats. Beware staining your nails though!

Of course, I think it's worth the risk of stains, it's flippin' gorgeous!

My darn nails just keep breaking off over and over, and I haven't figured out what to use yet to stop it. It's a side effect of the meds for my psoriasis, so I just deal with it.

It might look like bubbles, and there are a few little ones (my fault, applying polish in front of a fan), but the finish kinda hides them.

Of course, being me, I had to go and add more to it.

I love the gradient effect, and this actually looks pretty good over Iguana. It hides the color more than I'd like though, so I'm not sure I'd use this particular combo again.

I like the way it looks though, like glittery sea water.

Those little double tubes from Icing are neat, but I think they cost a bit more than I'm likely to spend on a regular basis, since you don't get that much polish.

Next up, a lovely green that leans just a bit blue.

Revlon's Windfall is a nice green, with some shimmer in it that makes it quite the knockout.

Full coverage in two coats makes me happy.

Here you can see the shimmer better. 

I wanted to use my lovely green no name polish, so I accented with it in a gradient form.

I like the way it turned out. I'll be happier once I can get all my nails the same length though.

Both of these are keepers for me.

Flash really shows off the bright of these colors.

In slightly dimmer light, the shimmer isn't as visible in Windfall. 

The last one I'll show you today is Orly Frisky and Fresh. 

As you can see, I also broke the ring finger nail, so that and the middle finger are now super short.

I did a Konad stamp, then used my little paintbrush to go over it with some more color to deepen it.

Then I added little dots of green or blue glitter for the centers.

I like the look of this, and you could easily do it without the Konad if you wanted. I just wanted to be lazy and have a guide. Haha.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. I'll be back very soon with a special polish to share with you all!

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