Monday, July 25, 2011

piCture pOlish BLOGFEST!

I am so thrilled to join in a worldwide event for nail polish bloggers, sponsored by piCture pOlish! They are having a BLOGFEST, and I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of Goddess to take photos of and review. (Disclaimer: The polish pictured and reviewed in this post was provided by the company, but this will not influence my opinion or review.) So, let's jump right in!

In case you haven't seen before, I am in LURVE with piCture pOlish polishes. Every single color I've used is flawless, both on depth and beauty, and in application, which is important too.

I am usually a habitual 3-coater, although many of the pp polishes don't need more than one. This one needed two, but even one would have been enough if I'd gone thicker.

The only reason I even went with three on this was to see if the color would deepen more, not that is really needed it. As you can see, it's a wonderful shade of copper, like a newly minted US penny.

That first coat doesn't quite match the bottle, but another coat took care of that.

The ridges in my nails caused some issues, but the polish itself practically flowed on like silk. I've said before that their formula is top notch, and this polish is no exception.

Metallic polishes can lean towards frosty and leave you with brush strokes, but as you can see, that wasn't an issue here. I still maintain that only two brands have ever been so consistently wonderful with their formulas, piCture pOlish and Cult Nails.

I did wind up with a third coat on this, hoping to cover the ridges better and deepen the color even more, and it didn't quite do that, but neither does ANY other polish, so that's no surprise to me.

I used Seche Rebuild as my base coat, as I'm trying to condition my nails, which are in poor shape because of the meds I'm on.

This color had the potential for turning my fingers into lobster hands, but it didn't really bring out any more red in my skin than what was already there. It is a warm color, so if those are an issue for you, then look for more swatches of it, but this is a warm color that might work even if you don't DO warm colors.

There was very little cleanup needed on my nails, because this polish flows onto the nail just where you want it, and stays put without pooling or streaking.

The only streaks or issues you see on my nails is because they are in horrible shape, and in no way the fault of the polish.

My top coat is my trusty Seche Vite Fast Dry top coat, and the polish seems to work very well with the Seche products.

You can click on any of the pictures to embiggen them, and see how bad my nails can look in all their glory. Haha. I mean, you can see brush strokes in the polish, but they are not very noticeable unless you're looking close.

I've gotten several compliments on this polish, more than I usually get when I'm wearing a "plain" color - I'm a big fan of bling (as you might know), and I love nail art, so this is a bit of a different look for me. I did of course, find myself needing to add black shatter to my right hand.

I just KNEW it would look great peeking out from under the black, and I think I was right.

So, my final thoughts on this polish? Heaven in a bottle, pretty much like every other shade I've tried from pp. Now, my girls also tried it on, so I caught a couple of pictures of that before they destroyed it. Hee.
The oldest really likes it, and tried to run off with my bottle! Then she slapped some decorations over it.
Her shatter turned out epic! The youngest also loved it, and would gladly walk away with my bottle if I let her.
I think it looks fantastic on them, but they can wait to get their own bottles if I'm feeling generous over the holidays or something. Muahaha! She added different things on top of the polish as well.

Well, to sum things up, this is a super awesome polish, just like the others I've worn from this company, and I'll certainly be ordering more in coming months. If you'd like to get YOUR hands on some of this awesome in a bottle, just head on over to piCture pOlish and place your order. I can't imagine you'll be disappointed!

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