Saturday, July 30, 2011


Woohoo! I have all these shatters, so I'm gonna make Saturday a good day to post them. Not every Saturday or anything, just lots of them. Hee. Let's get right to them, and see what all we've got.

First up, I bought all ten of the Pure Ice Crackle shades when I found them at Walgreen's. I tried them all out over Revlon First Class. First Class is a lovely blue, and it just happened to match my Oreo package.

Uh, the blue, not the pink. HAHAHA. Sorry. I'm just a touch silly.

I really love this blue.

It flowed on the nail easily, like many of the Revlons do for me.

Close up in near shade.

I apologize again for the shape of my skin, but I'm doing all I can to keep it as good as I can.

Now let's see close ups of each of the shatters.

Here I used half orly frisky to see cracks.

Jet Setter came with a defective lid, and was really gooped up and dried out, but I had an empty SH bottle, so I used a bunch of thinner, a few drops of acetone, and got it transferred over, and it still works pretty well, so it was salvageable.

I'm pretty impressed with how well the Pure Ice Crackles work, and I'll likely use them quite a bit, as I'm nowhere near tired of them yet.

Now let's see a black base with a bunch of different glitters, then topped with Pure Ice Cracked and OPI Black Shatter.

I did some epic bad clean up on these, but I'm hoping you'll excuse me anyway.

I really like the way this one turned out for me.

The glitter peeks out nicely, and the black lacey effect of the OPI on the tips made me do happyfaces.

I think manis like this will look even better if I can get my nails to grow out.

Flash always makes glitter stand out even more.

Mmm glitter.

I did change it up for the pattern on my right hand, but I think I prefer the left.

Either way, the effect was one I really liked.

Okay, that's enough for my first scheduled post, and hopefully I'll be back early next week to post again on some kind of schedule.

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