Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Pink Mani Time!

Just a quick post again, and hopefully tonight I can drop back on and show off all my 4th of July manis. Whee! The work just never ends around here. If only I could get paid huge money for blogging, I'd be able to make 3 posts or more a day. Muahahaha! I'd probably make everybody insane with my ramblings though, so whatever. Anyways, let's take a look at my pink mani this Wednesday!

I chose to start off with L'Oreal Pink Shells.

I love the sparkle in this, and could happily have worn it as is, but I wanted to play around with the jelly sandwich thing some more.

I'm also playing around with PhotoShop, so that maybe I can hide my awful cuticles. I'm not touching the color settings at all though.

Flash really brings out the major sparkle in this polish. This is three coats (thin ones) and it's pretty much full coverage.

Then I grabbed one of the double ended polishes I picked up at Icing, and used it on the accents.

It's a pink and blue glitter one, and I used the end called Love Spell. It looks like a jelly pink with gold and silver glitter.

Then I took the Revlon Just Tinted called Desire, and layered that over the top of everything.

It did mute the sparkles of the L'Oreal, but it looks nice to me anyway.

There's a lot more depth to it (all pictures are clickable to see better detail if you want).

I am finding I like the sandwich thing quite a bit, but then I've always liked layers, so that's not a shock.

This picture isn't too color accurate, but it gives you an idea of the way the glitter is suspended in the middle.

So, because I never seem to leave good enough alone, then I thought I'd matte-ify my nails too.

I actually really like the way it looks with the matte top coat (I used my China Glaze Matte Magic - going to need to pick up another one soon).

Here in the close-up, you can see how gorgeous it is!

Okay, I'd better get off my butt and do some real work, the kind I get paid for. Hee.