Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is It Wednesday Already?

(Editing to add: Well, it was supposed to be Wednesday, but apparently I fail at scheduling posts. Herp Derp!)
Why yes, yes it is Wednesday! So I guess it's time to share some more pink manis with you!

Let's start with a delicate mani, and pretty flowers. I generally don't do the delicate thing much, but I really enjoyed how this one turned out.

I really do love how that turned out, but I love the next as well.

I think I like the darker and brighter pinks the best.

Of course, a good frosty pink is always nice.

Of course, EVERYTHING is better with glitter!

And naturally, really nice quality colors always rock my socks off.

Man, I hope my nails get that long again really soon. Oh hey, while I'm thinking about piCture pOlishI Came..I Saw... I caved and bought it posted links to all the bloggers who joined in the blogfest on her blog. You might want to go check them out - you'll probably find that many others are just as thrilled with the quality as I am. So if my own effusiveness doesn't convince you to give them a try, maybe seeing all those other enthusiastic reviews will.

You'll probably want to take some time to check out her blog in general, it's quite a nice one. Her nails are fantastic, her pictures are gorgeous, and her nail art is amazing, so it's worth having on your blogroll!