Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm so so excited to share this news with you! I'm so hyped up that I had to run right over and post, even though I was actually busy playing with the dogs now that it's cooled down enough to be outside for more than 3 minutes without suffering from heat stroke. And yes, I play with the dogs outside at night the most. In the dark. Cuz that's how I roll. So anyway, check this out, how can you NOT be way impressed at this award?

I totally lifted it from Fare Forward, who nabbed it from Oh Rachel, who swiped it from Siren Song. There is, like, one rule, or suggestion, and that is to link back to where you appropriated it from so they can follow the chain back through or some such. Whatever, it's all unimportant, because the important thing is that I HAVE A NEW BLOG AWARD! STOP LAUGHING AT ME!

Also, I so have some pictures of polish to share with you, so let's take a peek at some recent polishes.

Polish Insomniac had a blog sale, and I jumped right on it. This is the polish I was lusting after the most, so of course it's the first I wore from the package! Here is Lippmann Yellow Brick Road.

That's one coat, so you can see that it's a bit sheer, but still looks pretty good with that first coat. Considering how hard yellows can be to work with, that's an accomplishment. Oh my, I don't think I emailed her to let her know the package arrived safely and I lurve it! Now I feel all awkward about sending her an email so late. *gulp*
Okay, there's two coats, and it's looking really nice. Now if only my nails were in good shape. I'm sure that eventually I will figure out some treatment to improve things.
I went ahead with the third coat, and I just love how it looks! By the way, my ring finger is over white, but once you hit that third coat it isn't really needed.
Flash just brings out the bright a whole lot, but this is not a neon polish. Oh no. It's just a gorgeous squishy yellow.
Just so you know, I have been editing my cuticles and fingers a fair amount, but I'm leaving the color alone in all my pictures. I'm not experienced enough to play with the color balance and such without mucking everything up royally.
As you can see, this was after I filed my nails down to little nubbins. I mean, two of them were broken off anyway. They aren't much longer than that now either. They are growing REALLY super SSLLOOWW this time around. Ugh. I've also been busy as heck lately (hence the lack of regular posting) so I've been leaving my polish on for a day or three at a time. Wow. I wonder if I have a fever? That's SO not me.
Back to the topic at hand - this is going to be one of my favorite colors ever. As you might have figured out, my favoritest nail polish color is yellow (which is odd, because it really isn't my favorite color for lots of other things), and this one is just gorgeous.
So, to sum things up, I love this polish, and I'm really happy to have it.

Okay, I'd better make some sort of effort to sleep tonight, so that I can get things done tomorrow.

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