Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Madness!

So I don't have a lot of time, because we have an emergency trip to Indianapolis on Wednesday. Eeep! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find dog boarding on such a short notice in the summer? Luckily, the vet's office just up the road has room, and isn't going to charge us so much that we have to sell the house. And they will be able to give the shots needed to bring them up to date when we bring them in, which saves me another trip to our regular vet. Who I wish had had room, that would have been awesome. Krissie is coming with us on the trip. The Mate found a campground that will be good to stay at, and we can eat on the cheap, so now it's just a matter of getting everything ready. I can do this *deep breaths* really I can.

So anyway, I figured I'd leave some pictures to enjoy while I'm gone, and we'll see if I can get in to post anything while I'm on the road. What the heck else would I have a nice fancy new phone for? Haha. Between that and my Kindle, I probably won't miss a computer much at all (yeah, right). Unless I get a power cord for my laptop. Hmmm. Stop laughing at me! Geeze, let's just look at pretty pretty polish.

First up are two more polishes that I got from Polish Insomniac. (Did I mention that you should totally check her blog out? It is awesome.) First, Catrice Spiced Bronze.

I am loving on this color. It's so rich-looking and pretty and shiny!

Even the bottle is pretty.

Two fairly thick coats gave me full coverage, and I like the way this polish goes on. It's smooth and glides on like a polish should.

As you can tell, this was when I gave up and chopped off all my nails more or less.

I love how different it looks in different lighting.

All sparkly and pretty and shiny. *sigh*

Even on super short nails, it works.

A definite keeper.

I also nabbed this s-He polish, simply called #469. Names, people, names! Ahem.

Two coats, looks awesome under flash.

The bubbles are my fault, I was polishing next to the fan. Darn hot weather.

This one can turn streaky if you don't pay attention, but still went on nicely.

Still, a keeper. Heck, what polish ISN'T a keeper for me?

Last, I finally put on this wonderful orange, and I couldn't stop wanting to lick my fingers because they look so juicy.

That, my friends, is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in the color of Beta. It's also my first OCC polish, and I need more.

As with most neons, it dries with that unique satiny finish, so I put my trusty SV on top.

Can I just say, "WOW"!?

This sucker practically lights my way for me, it's so bright. You know that means I'm loving on it.

The formula on this is fantastic. In fact, if they are all this good, then I really REALLY need to get more.

Yeah, no way am I giving this one up. A good orange is hard to find!

Now, before I go, I'll share one last photo that I managed to leave out somehow, of my kid's nails. I heart this mani so much!

I just love how she picks such nice coordinating colors. And man, I miss having those kids here so much I can't even tell you. And now I'm leaving almost all of our furry family behind for like, FIVE days! I'm such a sap, I'm already tearing up and sniffly about leaving them. Maybe I'll distract myself by figuring out what polish to take with me. *sigh* Either way, unless I can either figure out how to post from my phone, or get my laptop up, I'll be gone until Monday.

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