Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost A Whole Week!

We're up to the 6th day of the challenge, and today the color is Violet. Of course, I call it purple. So there. Muahaha! Ahem. So shall we take a look at the pretty pretty purple?

I went with Kleancolor Bold and the Beautiful for this one.

This is a really blue leaning purple. Almost blurple.

I accented with SH Bejeweled.

 Bejeweled is awesome. Even when cat hair gets in the picture.

It's multi-sized pinkish glitter. And it looks fantastic as an accent here.

In low light, this purple can look nearly black.

Today is National Maple Syrup Day. I figured that meant that pancakes for supper was okay.

The Mate is not much of a pancake eater. It's okay though, because he likes bacon, so I can forgive the pancake thing.

This is a pretty fantastic mani in general. At least I think so.

So, tomorrow we hit the one week mark! Are you looking forward to more of this challenge? I've been having a blast!

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