Friday, December 16, 2011

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Yeah, I'm sitting here singing that now. Are you? Muahahaha! So, here we are on day 5 of the challenge, and it's BLUE! But, we just saw ten days of blue for Wackita... do you even HAVE another blue? *evil cackle* Of course I do. Who are we kidding here? It's ME, that wacky nail polish obsessed lady! I probably have ten more in the untried bin right now. But we won't talk about that. *shifty eyes* Let's just see what I've got for you.

I went with Tip Top Navy Marine for my blue.

I really really like this blue. It's dark without being blackened, and the polish was excellent quality.

I chose Blingtastic for my accents.

I really liked the way this one turned out in general.

Even in lower light it doesn't look black.

It has a tiny bit of a glowy thing going on, but there's no shimmer in it or anything.

By the way, did you know it's National Chocolate Covered Anything Day? Yeah, sounds like a pretty good excuse to smother anything I eat with chocolate.

Except maybe the spaghetti we had for supper. That might just be weird.

For some reason I'm thinking chocolate covered blueberries would be totally rad right now. What would you cover in chocolate?

Sorry, no flash picture, I didn't think I needed it. Anyway, that's the blue day, and tomorrow we get to see violet (purple, whatever). Hopefully over the weekend I'll manage to post my review of Cult Vicious and their Get It On base coat and Wicked Fast top coat. Preview: I like them.

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