Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cult Nails Hypnotic Collection!

Another collection full of fabulosity from Maria at Cult Nails! Yeah, I know I'm behind a ways, but to do her polishes justice I can't just slop it on any old way. These polishes are high end, like when you save up to buy that fantastic sports car you've always dreamed of. Okay, so they aren't the most expensive of all, but they are special. And I'm not getting anything out of saying that other than knowing that I believe these to be high caliber polishes that deserve to be loved. If you know me, you'll know that I'm not going to sell out for nail polish, no matter how addicted I am. So let's take a look at these beauties!

First up we have Enigmatic.

It is a heart-stoppingly gorgeous burgundy purple.

Not quite duochrome, but it does show up a bit different at different angles.

And if you click to embiggen the pictures, you'll see the wonderful details of the color, how it blends so nicely together to create this look.

The sparkle is not IN YER FACE, but it's definitely there.

Also, check out what happens if you slide a coat of Hypnotize Me over it!

Apologies for the horrid cleanup when you get in real close.

But is that greeny blue sparkle not just TO DIE FOR?

After that, I went with In A Trance. I added an accent in Maybelline Khaki Fringe to compare it.

At least on my right hand. Hee. So you get the see the nubbins.

They do look more similar with matte top coat, but still not the same. In A Trance is way better.

So, of course I needed to slick on some Hypnotize Me. And promptly mislabel the picture. D'oh!

The blue sparkle really shows up nicely against that green.

And even matte top coat doesn't make it unattractive.

So, the left hand, I didn't bother with the Khaki Fringe. Honestly, who would? This color is too too beautiful to have need to compete.

The shimmer in it is SPOT ON PERFECT.

Did you know it's National Brownie Day today? Just wondered if you were paying attention to my ramblings.

I think that means I should make brownies, don't you?

Really, how much more could I gush about this polish?

Any flaws in application are totally my fault, not a polish problem.

Under flash you can see the golden bits, and everything. You should really click to see it bigger.

I enjoyed that so much that I thought I'd play around with some really simple nail art. So I used WNW Black Creme and French White Creme as a base, and used Sinful Adventure Island for some contrasting dots opposite the In A Trance Dots.

I really liked the way this turned out. Also, I really want some brownies now.

Whee, flash!

Apologies for the condition of the cuticles. I'm still playing with various ways to hide them. But sometimes I just don't.

I got a lot of compliments on this mani. I like that feeling.

On the right hand, I'd tried alternating color rows of dots on black, but I think the black and white on my left is better.

So, like I'm wont to do, I matte-ified it.

Seriously gorgeous.

Flash shows it off well.

And then to round this out, I used Awaken and accented with Hypnotize Me. I really LOVE Hypnotize Me. It looks good over EVERYTHING. But especially over Awakening. Annnd, yes, I mislabeled these pics. But I'm too lazy to fix it. Haha.

Hey, Hypnotize Me also looks awesome on it's own if you use a few coats. I think this is 4-5 coats, with butterfly fimo slices buried in there.

Super shiny and pretty and just look at that depth!

Now, Awakening is an awesome teal. Like, so awesome my best friend gasped out loud when I sent her a picture.

Under flash it seems more green, but I think it leans more blue in real life.

Just too much pretty to contain myself. I think I only got bubbles because the wind kicked up and was blowing on my while I finished my mani. Yikes.

So, if you're looking for a wonderful new polish to try out, that is worth spending some money on (not unreasonable by any means), then I urge you to check out Cult Nails. I've been around watching her go through all of it (she's remarkably open on her blog about the whole process), and though I get hit with the random twinge of envy every so often (seriously, it's a DREAM JOB!), I'm just tickled to pieces at being able to get all of her collections as they come out and tell everybody I know about this fantastic polish! (Master of run-on sentences am I.) And now, I'd better get my butt into bed and sleep so I can do a whole metric butt-ton of chores tomorrow. And make brownies.

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