Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ten Days Of Blue For Wackita (Days 7 and 8)

Today I have another light blue, and an ollllld polish to share with you. As you may recall, these posts are to honor ten years of Wackita being in our lives. Since she had one blue eye, and we're blue without her, I thought ten days of blue would be a lovely way to how how much we loved her.

First, that lovely light blue I mentioned.

Another polish with no name. Polish companies (yeah, like they read my little blog - haha!), take note, we LOVE names for our polishes. They don't have to be the best names every or anything, just SOMETHING. Ok?

This is one of the most accurate pictures of this color, even though my skin looks off. I'm still figuring out how to play with the settings and such to get color accurate pictures.

Here you can see closer that it's a great creme, no glitter or shimmy in this color.

This pictures makes it look dark, but it's really a light sky blue color.

Here's a close-up, you can see I got a few teeny bubbles in there. They weren't visible to the naked eye so much.

And here is Maybelline Matte Blue.

It really pulls a lot to the grey side of blue.

This reminds of me rainy fog for some reason.

If you aren't careful, it can be brush stroke-y, but it wasn't too bad.

Of course, me being me, I wanted the shiny, so I added top coat.

I like the way it brings out the shine, and hides brush strokes, which were pretty mild to begin with.

In this one you can see how it has a shimmer to it.

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