Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day Eight, Posting on Day Nine!

I got struck down with a migraine yesterday, so there was no post last night - but you get the benefit of TWO posts today now! This one is the 8th day, metallic nails! I'll come back later tonight with the 9th day, and maybe I'll sneak another post in there somewhere tonight or tomorrow. We'll just have to see. Anyhow, let's see what I did for the metallic look!

I decided silver was going to be my metal. I really love silver polish.

The mini Cherimoya polishes that I got are nice, and I'll be buying more of this brand when I can.

The mirror-like finish is one of my favorites other than glitter glitter glitter.

It does tend to show flaws pretty easily, but that has more to do with my (lack of) skill than the quality of the polish.

It's almost looks holo, but it's not, just a smooth, gorgeous silver.

Blurring it really gives you a good idea of the shiny, even in low light.

But you might know by now that I hardly ever leave well enough alone.

I was in the mood for some IN-YER-FACE color, so I added Stage Dive from Funky Fingers over it.

It looks so much like a disco ball to me.

This mani made me happy in the pants.

I got plenty of compliments on it.

I wish I could have this in every color. Hee.

Is this something you would wear? Why or why not?

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