Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've been busy decorating all over the house, and I'm having a blast. You aren't getting pictures of that yet, and probably will only get a few at some point because I suck that way. Muahahaha. No, really it's more that we are in the middle of some remodeling, and I'm so not going to show my house in its half finished state. But my nails? I can show you those!

I used a couple of snowman polishes, which of course have no names. But they are so much fun that I'll forgive them this time. Hee!

I love their cute little faces!

I like gradients, although I don't do them a lot, because... I don't know why.

This one was a blast, and sparkled so much.

I added just a touch of holo glitter to the top of it to add to that sparkle.

I got lots of compliments on this one. I love those kinds of days.

I do have to be careful when I do something so pretty, as I can't stop staring at my nails. This is hazardous when driving. Hee.

Normally I use sponging to do these, but this time I just kinda brushed the glitter on in layers, getting thicker towards the end.

Check it out up close, I really love it.

What do you think? The holiday is approaching so fast, the last of our presents should be delivered soon, and then I get to have a blast wrapping them. I really love wrapping presents.

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