Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twas The Wednesday Before Christmas

And all through the house,
Every creature was stirring,
Bugging my spouse...

Okay, enough with that, I'm so not going to attempt to rewrite the whole thing. Hee. So, you know what day it is.

I went with China Glaze Go Go Pink this time around.

It's a very soft, delicate pink. But it was fairly opaque in three kinda thick coats.

As I've said a billion times, I'm not a huge pink polish kinda girl, but these colors prove me a little wrong there.

It's kind of squishy, but I can't really call it a jelly.

Please excuse my dents, as I tend to attempt to do stuff before they are totally dry. Oops.

So, what do you think? Is pink my color?

Tonight I'll pop back with my challenge post, and maybe I'll try to get a Christmas mani or two in here before long. I haven't done as many of them since I've been doing challenges. Hee. That and I've been busy decorating the house, not my nails.

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