Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fail!

I've seen other blogs do a fail on Fridays, so I thought I'd share one of mine today. And some random pictures just because. I was attempting to do a black and white water marble, and for some reason I just couldn't get it to marble well, and this post is here because of that. Hee.

I don't even know exactly what I did wrong, but man, it just wasn't gonna work. On top of that, I could NOT get my camera to stop making the white look blue, so double fail. Go me!

I really only have the one picture, because I gave up pretty easily. Then I played around with some of my oranges and crackles. I'm still very much liking the crackle trend. So, let's just get to it. Some are great, some are crap, I just played for a while.

It always seems like the lighter crackles (shatters, etc) don't work as well as I'd like over dark. This one isn't too bad.

I do like the Sinful Black Shatter, it seems to work very well.

I think my favorite here is the Bonita Tangerine, which is on my ring finger.

It's darker and more of a standout orange.

Sinful Cloud 9 is really nice too. It's got a lovely shimmer to it.

And, here's a flash picture.

I doubt that I'll make this a regular feature, because I don't have enough fails to keep it up. Not that I don't fail on a regular basis, I just don't tend to take pictures of every fail I do. And some that might normally be a fail work out really well, so... ... yeah. Anyhow, I'll be back tonight with my challenge, as you may recall, tonight is BLUE.

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