Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Today marks sixteen years that my sweet Sarah Bera entered my life. I cannot imagine how my life would be changed without her (or any of my three monsters). I could write for hours and hours and paragraphs and paragraphs, and still not even come close to expressing how much she means to me. Not only that, but she impresses me as well, and makes me so proud to know her.

So, because I hate to get too mushy or gushy, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Konad designs. After all, I don't want to embarrass her too much or anything. Muahaha! She was born at 10:05 PM, and oh so precious.

Not only we her parents adore her, but so did her big brother. At least when she was tiny and cute. *snicker*

Before she hit two, she had a baby sister. It was not quite like having twins, but there were times when it seemed like it.

When she started walking, she went to running almost right away. And as she grew, she got to be more annoying to her older brother. Isn't that what little sisters are supposed to do?

Even in preschool, she was already showing how she was going to be great in school. She hasn't lost her enthusiasm for learning.

Like her Mom and Dad, she likes to read, loves animals, and has a wicked sense of humor. It's hard to find anything negative to say about her at all.

Watching her grow so quickly has been a wonderful thing. It's almost too bad that it is going by so quickly.

All three of my kids are pretty wonderful. Sarah is probably the girly girl of the bunch, though the youngest isn't far behind at all. But that doesn't mean they can't get down and dirty and be tomboys as well.

As the girls got older, they got much better at antagonizing their older brother. Sarah sorta gets really into it at times. She takes her role as little sister to heart. Hee.

She's also a pretty awesome big sister. Woe to anybody who messes with her little sister. Even if they have those sisterly spats that most sisters have, she's right there if her little sister needs her.

She also takes time to help others as well. She's a great friend to have. I just hope her friends know how lucky they are to have her in their lives.

I know her Dad and I couldn't be any more thrilled that we get to enjoy her. It's amazing how one person can mean so much to so many others.

Like I said, it's awfully hard to find anything bad to say about her. She's smart, gorgeous, giving, generous, loving, and just pretty awesome all around.

Sometimes I wish I could just hug her and never stop. That might get a little awkward when it comes to school and other activities. *giggle*

She brightens the lives of everybody around her, just by virtue of being herself. Even the critters are drawn to her, probably because animals always know when somebody is a good person.

Besides all her wonderfulness in so many ways, she's also been learning to cook, and she is really good at that too. Teaming up in the kitchen is always fun, and even better when we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

So, there are sixteen Konadicures to celebrate sixteen years of having my girl in my life.  Sarah, I love you, baby girl, and I always will.

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