Monday, December 5, 2011

I've Been On A Cleaning Spree!

And what better way to wind down at night than to post some Kleancolors? Let's get right to it so I can get to bed soon.

First, let's see Kleancolor Firework.

It's a wonderful extravaganza of glitter!

Sure it took four coats for me to get full coverage, but who cares when it looks like this?

The beautiful gold, the wonderful flashes of color, it's amazing.

Blur it a little and it almost makes me wanna cry at the sheer beauty.

I think Firework is THA BOMB! (Get it? Hahaha.)

Even using the foil method to remove it, there as plenty of glitter left on my hands. It was totally worth it.

The other Kleancolor I have is Holo Chrome, which I layered over SH Grape Escape.

I dunno why they didn't just call it Purple Holo, it doesn't look very chrome-y to me.

That being said, I adore this one as well.

It's not a linear holo, but the scattered effect is gorgeous.

My cuticles are looking very ragged, so I though butterflies would be better to see. Like them?

I dunno, they could be a bit distracting, but I had fun with it.

Maybe if it were more like this, the butterflies would be better.

Using the skin smoothing function leaves me with something like this, which hides the cuticles, but I dunno if I like that either.

Blue this one and it just looks like little flashes of light all over the place.

Okay, now I'd really better get in bed and see if I can get some sleep. Got another busy day tomorrow, as always.

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