Saturday, December 3, 2011

Something IMPORTANT!

Before I share my pictures for today (I'm up to Halloween - see what happens when you go missing for a while?), I've got something more serious to discuss/show you. It's about bullying. It's been in the news more and more, and it can happen to ANYbody. Over at Band Back Together, there is an Anti-Bullying Rally going on, and there are a LOT of stories being posted about experiences with bullies. If you are or have been bullied, are or have been a bully, or somebody you care about has been affected by bullying, stop on over and take a look around. The Band is taking a Stand and saying NO MORE.

And now, I'll shift back to nail polish, for those of you who only want to see that. As I said, I'm all the way up to Halloween (over a month late, go me! haha), and this year I didn't go all out as I have in the past. But I managed a few designs in amongst the regular polishing, so I'll share them now.

Keep in mind that this was during the time we had a few cats take ill and need to be euthanized, found out our first kitty has cancer, and were dealing with a bunch of that stuff, so I wasn't much up to par on these, but I tried. It could be worse. Hehe. First up, we have some stamping.

Also, I used a dotting tool, and some crackle. I like having some variety at times.

This was during the "I have no camera" time, so the pictures are not very high in quality. I was using a video camera to capture stills - not the best way to go about it.

Still, the colors are more or less correct, and you can see the important things, so I guess that's what counts.

I'm not going to complain, it would be far worse NOT to have any camera at all!

I do also have my phone's camera, but for some reason I just don't always take pictures with that. Or if I do, it's one solitary picture, and then I forget to upload them, and well, I just forget what I'm doing.

I totally admit that I'm a bit of a scatterbrain. It's just that I almost always have a lot going on, whether it's really good stuff, or there's some bad stuff mixed in.

My right hand had different designs too! I'm kinda hiding my right index finger because it is horribly broken way down. In fact, even now, over a month later, it's still not grown out completely and ready to post. Sheesh. Good thing it's not my left hand, that's my normal picture hand. Hee.

Next, I was attempting to do some theme colored water marbling, but it wasn't working super well.

So I slapped some crackle over things, and made some blotches or something, and pretended that's what I meant to do.

The marbling is not good because I chose colors that just didn't marble well. My bad.

So let's pretend that I was trying to make something that looked like ectoplasm and fog. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Okay, that thumb kinda worked better than the others, but it's still not my best marbling ever. I'm just not as good at it as some of the others out there. But I don't mind - we all gotta fail at stuff.

Strangely enough, my right hand was much better than my left this day. Maybe for once I was in my right mind!

Except for that middle finger. Hehehe. "The Naughty Finger".

I do apologize for this being rather craptastic, but that's life, right? The only other mani I'm going to call a Halloween one is the one where my daughters wanted me to do the bloody tips thing.

I started with graduated colors from black to white.

That could have been enough there, but I can't resist when the kids want stuff, at least things that I can give easily. So dripping blood must be added. Hee.

To make it show up better, I first did some white on the tips of the darker nails, and then went over it with the red.

It actually turned out kinda nice in the end, though I think I could do much better.

Anyway, I had fun, and isn't that really the important part? Just nod and agree, it's easier. Haha.

In the works, now that I'm getting more caught up are the following posts!

  • My review of the Cult Nails base and top coats.
  • The recent L'Oreal collection (birdies!).
  • Cult Nails Hypnotic collection.
  • Several random colors just because.

And now, I'm going to go rearrange a few things around the house, because I have overnight guests of the canine and feline type tonight - 4 extra dogs and 2 extra cats are staying over on their way to rescue. I'm gonna be busy!

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