Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten Days Of Blue For Wackita (Days 1 and 2)

We recently lost our first kitty to cancer, and after some recovery time from the grieving, I thought I'd honor her with ten days of blues. Today I'm going to show you days one and two. Wackita was such a character, and so much fun to have in our lives.

First up, I only got a few pictures, what with the cameras being broken etc, but this is Orly Rock Solid, over black and white. Well, on the accent nails anyway. Please ignore how yellow my nail looks, it's more from the psoriasis than anything.

Over white, it looks pretty nice, kinda like a deep blue sky.

Over black, it pops nicely. I think I like it that way best.

Here they are side by side. For some reason, I have no pictures of the whole mani. How dumb am I? (Don't answer that!)

Using a movie camera to take still pictures is rough. But it's more or less accurate for color, and at least you can get an idea. Next up, SH Xtreme Wear Deep Blue Sea.

This is fairly close to how it looks to me in real life, so I'd say it's relatively accurate color-wise.

I like the way it's fleck-y, as I'm fond of that kind of finish.

It's very shiny as well.

It doesn't change colors or anything at different angles.

Here is where we got a new camera, and I started trying to learn how to use it. The color pulled much more teal than it really is in these pictures.

Hopefully with time I will get better at getting the settings right so the color shows up true to life.

In closing, I want to urge you to check your pets over regularly for lumps or bumps, as that is how we found her cancer, and were able to try and save her. She passed in surgery (probably just too much for her poor body), but since we'd found it relatively early, it could have had a much better outcome.

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