Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lions And Tigers And Bears... Oh, Just Tigers.

So, I chose to go with tiger stripes for my animal print challenge day. It's day 13, and it's also National Chocolate Day and National Egg Nog Day. I can get behind those! Heck, I can combine them and have chocolate egg nog! And if I drink enough of it, I'll have some realllllllly interesting posts. Muahaha. Nah, I really don't drink that much, and I doubt I'll have more than a cup anyway. So let's take a peek at the nails, and then we can all get back to holiday celebrations!

I wanted to use this yellow for a while, so I went with that over orange, even though tigers are usually orange. But the challenge never said I couldn't take artistic license with colors and such. Hee.

I totally love this color. Like, more than I should.

I was trying to hurry to get this done, so it's not as neat as I usually try to be.

Hey, it actually kinda looks like the color of egg nog.

It looks fantastic with a shiny top coat too.

For the stripes, I used a franken that I made that is kind of a charcoal grey.

Then I went in and added some thicker stripes on the accent nails.

I love it, but it needs just one more thing. A matte top coat!

Ahhh, that is just about perfect.

And now, I'm going to go have that cup of egg nog, and try to convince The Mate that we should open at least one present right now. May you have the happiest of holidays (whatever you celebrate)!