Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starry Starry Night (or Pink, Really)

No, not the Essie, I'm thinking of the song by Don MacLean. Which seems really random, but it isn't quite that rndom, as today's pink polish is Revlon's Starry Pink.

Let's see how it looks.

This isn't a typical blah pink, it has lots of silver glitter in it. I used my poor right hand to show you what it would look like at various coats (I even wrote how many coats on my fingers with my new Sharpie pencil!).

This time I used puppies and kitties to cover the worst of the cuticles. As you can see, my right hand is in rough shape compared to my left, but I'm working on it.

I wanted to like this, what with all the fun glitter and so on, but the pink actually sort of muddled the glitter.

To see if I would like it a bit better, I added Claire's Silver Glitter Top Coat to the accent nails.

I like that better, but the best part is that the glitter is holo, so when you hit some brighter lights, you get that real sparkle going.

It shows up best in blurry shots, so here you go.

But either way, it just wasn't thrilling me, so I slapped some shatter over it (Sinful Colors Black Shatter), and that was much better to look at, for me anyway.

I painted from side to side instead of the usual way to get this effect. I like it a lot.

With some blur, you get a peek at the holo underneath the shatter.

I used really thin coats to get lots of cracks. Do you still like the shatters, or are you so over that trend?

Okay, I'll be back later tonight with my 31 Day Challenge post!