Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ooh It's Ice Cream Day!

Also, it's Day Two of the Challenge! Oh, and Violin Day. I'm just all sorts of the random tonight. Muahahaha! So, yeah, the whole Challenge thing. That's what I was talking about. Anyway, today is ORANGE! And I was lucky enough to happen to have a much-coveted (for me) orange in Lippmann Lara's Theme. But I was trying to be all inspired or something, so I added a little extra. Take a peek.

This Lippmann is absolutely gorgeous.

It's not really neon, but in certain lights it does pop pretty good.

Anyway, I just can never leave well enough alone. So, I thought I'd add my own little twist to this first week, and do some coordinating glitter on the accents for each day. I did a thin coat of Nicole Disco Dolls on my thumb for this pic.

On the ring finger I went with two heavier coats.

This one kinda made my camera feel insane. Haha. It just wanted to see it as blindingly bright, and it isn't quite that bad (or good, if that's what you are looking for).

I'm not so sure this coordinates as well as the red yesterday, but I like it anyway.

Here you can see the color a bit more realistically. It was a four coat mani this time.

I'm so happy I snagged this Lippmann (wish I could just buy them all!), because it is just beautiful.

Well, as you know, tomorrow is my favorite nail polish color, YELLOW! Do you wear yellow polish?

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