Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fashionably Late

Okay, no, I'm not late, but I felt like saying that. Anyway, tonight's challenge mani is supposed to be inspred by fashion! So here is the picture I found and was inspired by.
I attempted to do something similar to the white dress on the left there.

So, did I succeed? Let's just say it's too bad this post isn't going up tomorrow, as I could call it a Friday Fail as well. Heheh. The white looked great.

I started with Kleancolor Whiter Than White, and then stamped in Cherimoya Pearl Silver.

The ring finger was supposed to look like cleavage, with the rest of the them looking like the edged of her dress.

At least it was pretty easy. I'd hate to think of hours of work for a fail. 

What do you think? Could this idea work out better (if somebody with actual talent tries it)?

Anyhow, with that posted, I think I'm crawling into bed and seeing how much sleep I can get before the puppy needs to go out yet again. Hee. I'm seriously wiped out. See you soon!

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