Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Love To Read

So, since I love to read, you'd think that it would be so easy for me to come up with a book to inspire some nail art, right? But no, I just kept thinking of books and deciding that I just couldn't manage that one, or I didn't want to try this one, and so on. Finally one came to mind, but I was thinking that it would be ridiculous to use that one. However, after a few hours of not figuring out any other books, that one was still in my mind, so I went with it. What did I choose? Click the link and find out!

You're probably going to laugh at me, but that's okay. I don't mind. So here's what I chose to use.

Yep, a kid's book. But hey, it's still a book, and it's what inspired my mani. So it counts. As you can guess, it was *really* easy to do this one. I went with a white base on my fingers, and stamped the 'fish' on them. Then I used yellow on my thumb to imitate the cover color. Easy peasy.

I kinda horked up the blue fish a little, but it still gets the point across, so I'm not complaining. Along with that little smear on the purple 'one fish', it just adds character, right?

I probably could have cleaned it up just a bit better too, but that's life. At least my version of life. Hee.

I've become more impressed with Kleancolor Whiter Than White for a base, as it goes on easily, and covers great in two coats. I am not giving up on the WNW white, but this one might take it over as my best white.

I love that yellow too. I was actually tempted to leave this mani on for an extra night, I liked it so much.

So what book would you want to design on your nails?