Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post Since Last Year!

Bwahahaha! I love saying that. Yeah, I'm not real mature sometimes. So anyway, I thought I'd schedule a couple posts today, so here are a few random polishes that I haven't shown you before but have used recently. Let's take a peek.
First up, a Funky French with green and grey.

Yeah, I was hiding the cuticle messes again. This time with stars. 

I'm loving SH Teeny Greeny Bikini. It was a three coater, but well worth it, and I could probably have done a fourth.

This would probably go well over a darker color.

It's a really spring-y color, which I guess works for a brand new year.

Flash makes it look a bit different. 

So, I thought I'd add grey tips, just for kicks. I free-handed them, so they aren't perfect.

I like the effect though. 

It's another SH polish. And I really like it.

Next up, a polish I picked up from Payless Shoes. And yes, another green. Hee.

Sergeant Khaki is, as you might expect, a khaki green.

For interest, I played with green crackle polish on my accent fingers.

I like the effect on this quite a bit.

It's not quite a metallic polish, but close. Not a foil either.

Either way, I like this polish quite a bit.

For the next one, I have a yellowish green to share.

Yep, China Glaze Trendsetter. You might know I like the pukey colors quite a bit, and this is no exception.

It's got a lovely shimmer in it. 

You're not going to hear me complain that my tips look like snot. Hee.

Of course, I wouldn't buy clothes in this color. But then, I'm not a super colorful person as far as clothes anyway. I have no fashion sense. 

So, would you wear this color?

Next up, a not really green, but much more of a teal from Hema.

No name, just a Shade number, which is 11. 

It's a gorgeous color.

Two coats of lovely lovely polish.

And that shimmer is wonderful.

It's not metallic, but almost looks like it under the flash.

Last, I'll share my franken with you. I haven't been doing a ton of frankening lately, but I loved the way this one turned out.

I can't tell you what all is in it, but it's got a bunch of random stuff mixed in there. 

The camera was pulling it a bit purple, but it leans more blue than the pictures show.

It's definitely grey with a blue tinge. Not sure why these all look so purple. 

Regardless, I love it quite a bit. The shimmer knocks my socks off.

What do you think of it?

Well, that should be plenty to entertain you until tonight's challenge post goes up. 

(This is a scheduled post.)

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