Saturday, December 31, 2011

Let's End The Year With Xmas Manis!

One last post for the year... this one containing a few Christmas manis that I snuck in between the challenge ones. I didn't go as overboard as I have in the past, mostly because it's been a super busy year this year, and I had to hurry some of these. But I enjoyed them anyway, and wanted to share them with you.

The first one I did was a very simple one in red and gold.

I used Color Club scented polishes for this. They were AWESOME.

The colors were gorgeous as well. That red? Is. A. Ma. Zing. The gold works pretty well for stamping too.

If you don't have a steady hand for just painting this freehand, use a piece of painter's tape so divide your nail. It's such a simple mani, but looks like you worked on it really hard.

As you can see, this is about the time I broke a nail, and had to file them all down to nubbins.

I still think that short short nails can be gorgeous, so I don't stop making them colorful just because there are so little of them. Sure, you might not be able to do some of the intricate bigger designs on them, but hey, short is chic too.

Next I tried out one of the new Revlon ColorStay polishes. This is a deep green called Rain Forest.

I stamped the nails with Color Club Gingerbread Man. And yes, even with just stamping, I could catch a whiff of gingerbread. So the scented polishes are a hit for me.

This green as super gorgeous - I described it on first view to my friend as "Nars Zulu and Emerald Sparkled had a baby!"

I can see this becoming a super popular color really quickly among green lovers, especially those that love the dark ones.

I didn't use their top coat or anything with them, but I'll probably give those a try at some point and review them.

I couldn't stop staring at this green. If you want to see it even better, you can click to enbiggen the pictures.

After that gorgeousness, some of the BB2G folks asked me to do a blue one, with snowflakes. So I did. I started with Nicole Listen To Your Mom-ager. I don't watch the Kardashians at all, but I'll gladly buy these polishes. Hee.

This is a fantastic blue.

It's shiny and pretty and made a wonderful base color.

I did stamps of snowflakes in white, silver, silver glitter, and black.

Then I added a few pieces of glitter from Color Club Orna-Minted for added fun.

I think it turned out pretty neat.

And yes, Orna-Minted smells like mint.

For this one, I did a black base with my old classic, Wet N Wild Black Creme. I like it because it's ONE coat, and it it easy to apply and clean up.

Then I topped it off with (from thumb to pinky) Kleancolor Puppy Love, Snowman unnamed red glitter, Color Club Orna-Minted, Snowman unnamed green glitter, and China Glaze Ulta-Mate Holiday (an Ulta exclusive that I nabbed).

I love the sparkle in this mani, and stared at it more than I should have.

As you may have noticed, I'm playing with new watermarks. Feel free to comment if there are particular ones you love.

I hope everybody got at least one present they really wanted this year. I got two that were absolutely fantastic. My Kindle Fire, and my new Bose headphones.

See, I have major problems trying to find headphones that do NOT hurt my ears because of the psoarisis on them. But they still need to fit well enough not to be falling off my head every three minutes. And I'd really like quality as well, since I use them a fair amount. Noise reduction is a huge plus too. So, when I opened those from The Mate, I was overjoyed.

Finally, I can listen to things without disturbing others. Without discomfort. You can bet I'll be babying these things like mad.

And the Kindle Fire is fantastic for watching Amazon Prime videos. There are all sorts of movies and tv shows on there that I want to watch, so whenever I have some spare time or can't sleep, now I have a chance to watch them.

A huge honorable mention goes to the Zippo my Dad got me, it's so pretty and I love Zippos. There were a few other small things, but those are the ones that mean the most.

Okay, that's pretty much all I did for holiday manis this time around. A most HAPPY New Year to you!

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