Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Going To The Movies

Today's challenge mani is one inspired by a movie. I've seen all sorts, from Harry Potter to Transformers manis, and those are all awesome, but I wanted to be different, of course. So I chose a movie that I've never seen in nail art. I guess I didn't do TOO badly on it. So, what did I choose? Click the link and find out.

I chose to go with a very simple one, and based it off of this picture:

Do you know the movie? It's A Clockwork Orange. So let's take a peek at my mani.

I made an orange franken out of a few orange polishes I had handy to get this shade, as I was looking for a specific orange and didn't have one. Funny how you can have all this polish and still not have THE one color you are looking for.

It was still a touch darker than the picture to my eye, but close enough.

I like the shimmer that is just barely there in this one.

Now to add the art part.

It was tough to fit things in the way I needed to. That spot on the hat in the above picture is a trick of the light.

Then I added the title to my thumb. Or tried to. I'd like to think I could have done better, but I'm still happy with the effect.

So, do you think I did all right?

We didn't get home until today, because the weather was pretty yucky, and we decided to stay an extra night.  It was worth it, I was SO sore from fighting the serious wind on the way there and tired from not sleeping much due to excitement, so we came home today, and it was a pretty easy drive. Well, for me anyway, but apparently not for others. We passed at LEAST three cars in the ditch, and one flipped over along the way, so the roads must have been on the nasty side. I guess people need to slow down and take it easy in the winter. It helped me immensely that we have really excellent tires on the Jeep, and they tend to stick to the roads really well. For now, I'm getting to bed early, I still have more recovering to do. And of course, a brand new puppy to attend to! And yes, I'm sure you will see him soon as well.

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