Friday, February 3, 2012

Hmm, New Feature Idea?

I'm thinking of doing a new thing on Fridays, and calling it Friday Flashback. I'll dig in my OLD picture files (old being relative, as I'm only talking 2-4 years ago), and post up a few. Many of them will look pretty crappy, since I had no talent back then, and my clean-up was pretty atrocious at times. But hey, it just shows how far I've come with all that practice, right? So, today is going to be my first Friday Flashback, and I'll share a few comparisons of dark colors.

I'll start with a comparison between Nicole Black Cat-cha Later, and Midnight Madness.

Nicole Black Cat-cha Later is a lovely deep burgundy color.

And Midnight Madness is a great dark dark blue shimmer.

I still love colors like this, although I'm more likely to wear them when my nails are really short, just because.
The next comparison is three SH polishes, Black Diamond, Endless Night, and Real Royal, and Milani Black Magic.

Black Magic is a creme, so it's just black - and it took three coats to get it looking good. Not like my beloved WNW Black Creme. Hee. Real Royal is a brownish copper shimmer in a black base that I like more than I would have thought I would.

Real Royal and Endless Night are the two closest in this comparison. Endless Night is a touch browner, and seems to be a little cooler. At a distance, you might not be able to tell the difference, unless you are a nail polish freak.

Endless Night and Black Diamond aren't really alike at all. Black Diamond reminds me of a dark graphite type color, and is black with silver shimmer in it. I do love it.

Well, that's going to be enough for the first installment of Friday Flashback. If you're a blogger, why don't yo9u join me? It doesn't have to be polish, it can be anything from a while back that you share. Comment if you do, so I can take a peek!

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