Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm On The Edge!

Or rather, the Edge (of Glory) is on me! Yes, I broke down and bought the Lippmann Edge of Glory set, for half price. Even so it's still a lot to spend on polishes, but I think it was well worth it. Let's just get right to the polish!

So, I took pictures of the package as well as of my nails.

First of all, you put on the black base coat. Since it only comes as a set, of course I used the Lippmann Black base. 

Whoa, my fingers aren't really that fat. Hee. Oh well, I squish them in strange ways when I'm getting pictures.

It's a basic black creme, and glides onto the nail so smoothly and nicely.

Yep, Lippmann does a good job with her polishes. This is one coat, by the way.

Then you get to add the FUN flakies!

It's like a rainbow of flakes on my nail!

I don't think I stopped staring at my nails the whole time this was on. 

Here, I blurred it a little so you can see how fantastic it looks.

Even in low light it's awesome.

I used the Cult base and top coats. I'm really loving them. Pretty soon I'll have to buy more. 

What do you think of this polish? Is this something you'd like to wear?

I rather hope that flakies never go out of style, but to be honest, I'll probably wear them whenever I want anyway. I'm not above holding onto a trend I like.

That goes double for a trend that looks this fantastic!

I took a LOT of pictures of this one, it was just too too pretty.

I really love the interplay of colors on my nails.

Here's an extreme close-up so you can see it even better.

While I'm thinking about it, don't forget to enter my Leap For Joy Giveaway. Lots of fun polish you could win, three winners, and it ends March 21st. And I haven't forgotten about promising you my Cult Nails polishes, I'll be sharing the Let's Get Naked collection this week.