Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pretty Blue and WINNERS!!

So, I was thinking, I can announce the winners of the Leap For Joy Giveaweay, allow 72 hours to contact me with a mailing address, and also share a nice blue polish that I'm adoring right now. Does that sound like a plan? I hope so, because it's what I'm going to do. Hee. Let's get started by seeing which blue polish I'm showing you.
It's Nubar Dark Wash Jeans! Isn't it a gorgeous blue?
This is a fantastic blue cream that I just LOVE.

So, let's see what the first number the random generator chose for us is.
Ooh, number 65.
This blue is so very fantastic.

Oh, you wanted to know who the winner is? Well here's a screen shot of who had entry # 65:
So, if you could be so kind as to email me with your mailing info, you get first prize!
And no, I'm not giving you my Nubar polish. But you do get all the ones shown in the giveaway, so that's awesome, right?

Now let's see what the second place number is.

Oooh number 140. Don't you wish I'd hurry up and tell you who entry number 140 is? Well, look at this blue polish first, and then I'll share.

Okay, here is the email of the winner of second place!
Drop me an email in the next 72 hours with your mailing info! And then look at this lovely blue some more while I get that third place drawing ready.
Okay, third place is...

Well there you have it, third place is entry number 177. By the way, this Nubar is simply fantastic. Did I mention that yet?
I'm pretty sure I only used two coats with this polish. And just look at how wonderful it is!
Okay, okay, let's see who the third place winner is.

Drop me a line when you get the chance, within 72 hours, and give me your mailing info, please.
Then drool with me over how smooth and pretty this Nubar is.
I know this is dupe-y for the Chanel blue, I can't remember the name, but I really think that I like this one better. Of course I don't have the Chanel to compare, but this is pretty much perfect in my eyes. It's not so dark as to appear black, but it's a deep blue. I LURVE IT!

So, if the winners could please drop me an email (original.wacky[at], I'll get these wrapped up so that I can mail them off!

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