Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dude, Where's My Blog?

Okay, so I've gone seriously missing of late, and not blogged at all. Why? Because all sorts of stuff has been going on, and I've just been unable to drag myself to the blog page to write. But you don't read this to see a bunch of whining, so I won't do that. What I will do is tell you that I have some posts ready to go, only one of my winners ever contacted me (and I'll get back with her and determine which prize she wants, and then probably offer up the others for swaps or sale), and I'll probably be absent more often than not over the next few months.

So, why will I be gone so much? MY CHILDREN WILL BE HERE IN LESS THAN A WEEK! I'm about ready to burst from the sheer excitement of it!! Other good stuff around here too, but that's the bestest ever. And since The Mate and I have started fishing regularly (another reason I'm not here to blog lately), we'll get to take the kids with us and have fun. Plus, I've been working on things around the house. We got rid of the pool table, which was a bit of a roadblock in getting out new floor in, so I've been working in there too. And of course the new pup takes up a LOT of time as well.

Okay, brief mention of the yucky stuff. My regular computer is having, uh, issues, which is why I can't get to my pictures so posting them is really tough. We've suffered some kitty losses, and Jet is on the verge too, so he'll be taking that last trip to the vet. The Mate has had pneumonia, half of one of his lungs collapsed, and he has a calcified node in his lung. And my psoriasis is flared up BIGTIME, which has been no fun at all. So yeah, rough times, but we're getting through them as always. Bright sunshiny days are ahead no matter what, because my kids will be here, and NOTHING can get me down then.

So, I will come back to my blog(s), eventually, but for now, I just have to focus on so much around here and getting through these things, and of course spend a TON of time with my kidlets, which means that blogging goes on the back burner. Then again, it's not like I have thousands of readers (heck, I don't think I even have tens of readers bwahahaha), that I'm disappointing. Of course, if I AM disappointing you, maybe you need to tell me so!

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