Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick Friday Flashback!

Today I have some really pretty holo and duochrome polishes for the Friday Flashback. These are from Sally Hansen, and they are pretty much to die for!

First, Sally Hansen Magenta Magic. Love, love, LOVE this pink holo. 

Next, another Sally Hansen Magical - Blue Aura. Hands down, one of my favorite holos EVER. 

More Sally Hansen, this one is Garnet Lapiz. I wish they'd bring all these back, because they are so gorgeous. 

And the last one for today is Sally Hansen Ruby Sapphire. 

Yeah, this was a short one, but I wanna go fishing, and that means I getta get a move on!If I get my chores all done today, I'll be able to relax tomorrow and see if I can catch anything. Unlike the rest of the city (or so it seems) I'm not going to be out drinking green beer. Hee!

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