Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Special Request

So, you may or may not remember that I do a tiny bit of volunteer work for Band Back Together, a group weblog open to anybody and everybody. BB2G is in the process of getting the government approval to be a non-profit, which was paid for by an auction last year (which also raised a bunch extra for server hosting etc). Well, there's another auction coming up this week - this time to increase outreach efforts and help even more people as well as keep the site running.

There are a bunch of really exciting projects in development, and the hope is to make BB2G bigger, better, and more awesome in 2012 and into the future. So what does this have to do with you? Well, we're asking for donations of auction items, buying of auction items, and spreading the word. Further details can be found on our auction website at: Band Auction Site.

If you are able to help with the current auction effort (to debut on March 26, 2012), please contact Tracie at BB2G. Donations can be anything from artwork to jewelry, clothing to ornaments, or even services of some sort. Buying is easy, and spreading the word is as simple as sharing a link anywhere and everywhere. The Band (and I) will thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now, if you need some kind of reward for reading that and helping out - then jump on in and look at one of the prettiest glitter polishes I've had the pleasure of applying.
This is Lucy's Jingle Jangle, which I purchased from The Hungry Asian. She now has an Etsy shop, and will be keeping things over there to keep it simple. Her glitters are FANTASTIC, and I'd put her polishes in my top ten brands.

I can't remember how many coats, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't over three, which is amazing for a glitter polish like this.

The green is dominant, but the red does show up on the nail, along with maybe a hint of blue. 

For an all glitter polish, it's pretty smooth, though I did use two coats of SV to smooth it to my preference. 

This not only would be a great Christmas color, but would work for St Patrick's Day as well, though I wasn't thinking of that or I might have posted this yesterday. Oops.

I would love to see a polish like this with green and gold or silver. 

Even in dimmer lighting, it it still fantastically glittery.

I'm thinking I did three coats, I really gotta start taking better notes on these things. 

Here's the big shocker - for a mega glittery polish, this actually came off pretty well. 

You can see it wasn't too tough to clean up neatly, which is a bonus too. 

This polish is making me happy all over again, just like it did when I wore it.

Check it out blurred so you can get the full effect of the red mixed in there. 

So, what do you think? Is this a polish you'd like to wear? I hope to drop back by and post my Sunday Swatches yet today, we'll see how the day goes.

Did you come up with any ideas to help out BB2G? If so, then a huge thank you.
Michy - member of the Brains Behind the Band

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