Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Swatches!

Hi hi hi! I've just got a couple of colors for you in Sunday Swatches today, and then tomorrow I'll finish up the Cult Nekkid collection! Of course you KNOW I saved my favorite for last, Toxic Seaweed. I would have posted yesterday as planned, but I decided to take a break from online stuff, and spent the day almost completely away from the computer. And yeah, some of that was spent just sleeping. Hee. Anyway, let's take a peek at Silver Mint and Liquid Gold.

I'll start with a couple shots of Liquid Gold.

It leans to the silver kinda gold, sort of a champagne.

I do like it, and I expect I'll find plenty of use for this color, especially since it will probably work nicely for Konad.

Then from the same brand, I have Silver Mint. It's a great green metallic color, and I can see using this one for Konad as well. 

It really is a silvery green, and I like it a lot. 

You can sort of see brushstrokes, but usually putting a top coat on will kind of 'erase' those if they aren't too obvious. Since I don't swatch with top coat, what you see is what you get pretty much.

Okay, I'm wiped out already (amazing how that hour forward can mess with your sleep so so much!). I think Daylight Savings is icky, and if it were up to me, I'd get rid of it. So I'll leave it at this, and come back tomorrow, hopefully well rested.