Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing With Magnets OR I'M BACK!

Okay, so I'm going to try to come back and start posting regularly again. It may not be a daily thing, but hopefully if I get started, I'll work my way back up to more frequency. Real quick, before I hop to come pictures - here's an overview of the last few months:

The kids were here, and we had a blast. It was fantastic to have them, and it royally sucks that they are back in SD again. We managed to get out to SD, so The Mate got to meet family, I got to see family I hadn't in years, and spend some time with my Dad. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to leave! The Mate broke his nose, and got some other injuries, which has made him a bit more miserable than normal. But he is still pretty chipper all things considered. Puppies and kitties are all healthy for the most part, and spoiled as always. Fishing is still my new obsession, though it hasn't replaced nail polish to the point where I need to be changing things. Haha.

Well, enough about other stuff, let's look at some polish pictures. I'm loving how many magnetic polishes are available, although my budget for polish has been very limited of late. I haven't been deprived though, I've managed to pick up some local ones here and there. So let's take a peek at one I picked up a few months ago (Wow I really get to play catch up now!).

This lovely green magnetic polish was screaming for me to pick it up. 

So of course I did it. I mean, who could pass that up?

The magnets that come with are neat. 

I love how well this one worked. As you can see, my nails weren't too long here. 

The color is gorgeous, and the pattern is great. 

In case you couldn't tell, I chose the curvy pattern.

The sparkle in the polish just makes it that much better for me. 

This will work nicely on short nails, and probably fairly well on longer ones too.

The close-up. You can see how well the pattern shows up.

Next I'm going to show you a Konad I did, over my regular WNW black.

I used Salon Perfect (a new brand at Walmart) in Mercury, a silver, obviously.

This was a really fun mani, and I wore it for a few days. 

This is really nice and shiny. I've been leaving polish on for a few days at a time more and more lately, because I've been so busy. 

That is enough for now, I have got to get back to getting my work done in a more regular fashion. Vacations are fun, but also tiring! Plus, if I can get enough done earlier in the day, I can probably sneak in some fishing tonight. Sure, I'll wind up catching babies and such, but they are fun too. We just do Catch and Release for the most part, we don't really tend to eat enough to make it worth bringing them home. Have a wonderful day!

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